I’ve always been interested in the names given to certain things in technology, or the technology itself, which has a long history.  What we use today draws meaning from that history, but sometimes it’s so far in that past that we’ve forgotten where it came from, or why it takes the form that it does […]

Out of the box Visual Studio is incredibly feature complete, but it’s also extremely extensible and customizable.  Depending on what you do and how you work, you might not even know how much easier and/or more pleasant developing can be with Visual Studio customized to you.  So, let’s take a look at some of my must-have […]

Several years ago, we created an internal Web application to keep track of all kinds of real-time and historical data related to our services, the service commands, and errors that occurred. Other developers worked on making the data for this project accessible, but my job as the UI designer was to create a visually appealing display […]

Any developer that works in front-end Web development will tell you that making a Web application work correctly with multiple browsers is quite a challenge.  You will come to a point where you struggle to support older browsers because they have strange bugs that must be worked around, or you want to support a newer browser since […]

If you are like me, you receive many emails at work.  A pretty large chunk of these emails are just FYI types of messages that aren’t urgent, but you do need to read them eventually.  Some emails are just happenings around the office that you may or may not care about, and some are just people over-using email groups you are […]