Shared Data Contracts Most Web applications today must interact with the server in some way to get and send data, and this is typically done with the HTTP protocol. With Angular propelling TypeScript into mainstream Web app development, we have new opportunities for communicating with the server through strong typing over HTTP. For a long […]

Guest: Mitch Ferrer – Application Architect I am an Application Architect with AppRiver. I spend much of my time thinking about developer productivity and principles/practices for maintainable software. I am a full stack developer focused on the web world. Host: Chris Hendricks – Software Developer I am a software developer by profession. It’s what I do. It’s […]

Any developer that works in front-end Web development will tell you that making a Web application work correctly with multiple browsers is quite a challenge.  You will come to a point where you struggle to support older browsers because they have strange bugs that must be worked around, or you want to support a newer browser since […]