Domain Driven Design (DDD) is one of the concepts we practice here at AppRiver. We come from the Greg Young and Udi Dahan school of DDD, which incorporates some elegant patterns such as Command Query Responsibility Separation (CQRS), event sourcing and service buses. These concepts are challenging to implement effectively, but with discipline and a focus on continuous […]

  Introduction My name is Shane and I am a brand new software developer with AppRiver.  Well, not even a developer, but a junior developer.  I have been working at AppRiver for almost 3 months.  In a couple days, I’ll sit down with my mentor to discuss my 90-day review too.  I’m not scared though, since AppRiver […]

Starting out a career in Web development can lead you down a numerous amount of different paths. For instance, the path I started down was one that had me developing different Web sites on a daily basis. There was always something different to work on and something different to build. Whether it was the technology being […]

Several years ago, we created an internal Web application to keep track of all kinds of real-time and historical data related to our services, the service commands, and errors that occurred. Other developers worked on making the data for this project accessible, but my job as the UI designer was to create a visually appealing display […]