Alright, stop laughing. This is not an article about some bug-free Nirvana. Software will always have bugs as long as humans are producing it. We’re also not talking about bugs found during the quality control process. This article is about the attitude your software development team has toward the unfortunate—hopefully rare—bug that escapes from the […]

When I was a little kid, I would occasionally get hiccups that rocked my diaphragm so badly my shoulders ached.  Grandma called during one of these uncomfortable bouts. I answered the phone with an embarrassingly audible gasp. I heard her smile through the phone as she spoke with her soothing southern accent, “You know what […]

[Acknowledgements: This post was originally created by Shawn Morrison, who danced onto another project and passed this along to me to edit and make my own.  Thanks, Shawn.]   In his book “Working Effectively with Legacy Code,” Michael Feathers states, “Legacy code is code without unit tests.” I believe this is a helpful way of […]