Shared Data Contracts Most Web applications today must interact with the server in some way to get and send data, and this is typically done with the HTTP protocol. With Angular propelling TypeScript into mainstream Web app development, we have new opportunities for communicating with the server through strong typing over HTTP. For a long […]

This post contains instructions on how to get a submission CAB file for kernel-mode device drivers for Windows 10 ready for the Windows Hardware Developers Center Dashboard portal. To increase the security of the Windows platform, since version 1607, having a kernel-mode driver signed by the portal is required. I would recommend following the links […]

Wireshark and other network sniffing tools may easily capture traffic as long as it enters or exits a physical network adapter, but Windows will prevent you from capturing network packets that loop back to and from the localhost. There are a few workarounds that involve routing traffic out to the gateway and back, using RawCap to write […]

I’ve been enjoying Cmder and Posh-Git to improve the frequency and ease of Git commits between changes in Visual Studio, but recently I wanted to add the convenience of the Developer Command Prompt. Among other things, the Developer Command Prompt brings MSBuild, GacUtil, and Ildasm into the environment path. Here’s how to set it up: Install […]